Online Day

Virtual Events

Total E Pro has always been at the forefront of technology in order to offer our Business Partners tip options to solve their communication needs.

Day by day we adapt ourselves to their challenges and tecnological needs, to provide them with remote events with the best equipment and quality production.

We give you the following services in our facilities, your facilities or wherever you need.

Chroma Key

  • 2 wall and floor Green Screen.
  • Lighting, LED set of lamps for back and first foreground.
  • Audio and video equipment for virtual filming.
  • Common areas such as office spaces and roof garden.


Unique experiences through streaming platforms: vimeo, youtube or go to webinar. We can provide you with any type of exhibitor or speaker for your work team or clients.

Virtual Events

Face to face conference with speakers and dynamics, in which we send kits to every participant’s address or office so they can live the experience.

We execute, design, produce and ship the kits, as well as the dynamic’s logistics and production implementation.

Which are your long distance communication requirements?

We can execute the transmition from any place in the world.

Share with us which of our solutions meet your needs or challenges, we’ll listen carefully and help you solve it successfully.